A Second Chance for Popoy and Basha’s wardrobe

In celebration of the screen couple’s wedding anniversary, here’s a look back at how their wardrobes grew along with them.

1-a-more-mature-wardrobe-for-a-more-mature-couplePhoto credit: preen.inquirer.net


Halloween 1, 2, 3 and 4

I’ve been approaching the point of no return when it comes to regular posting (did I say semi-weekly?) so I figured now would be the best time for my next b(ack)log post. My favorite holiday, Halloween, is coming up and I’ve been devoting a good chunk of my time to preparations! This year, I’m having 4 Halloweens. 
More pictures and details on my costumes later on but for now, I leave you with this recipe for fake blood and a how to dress as the zombie train attendant from Train to Busan
The laziest fake blood recipe ever

Good for: Staining clothes, taking pictures, staying squeaky clean and not attracting ants

Setbacks: Not long-wearing

Ingredients: Red food coloring, a dash of blue food coloring, Johnson’s baby shampoo

Directions: Just pour the food coloring in the bottle, shake it vigorously and you’re good to go! 

Train to Busan costumes 

I’ve been tasked to throw two baby showers for my sister, her husband and my soon-to-be godson, Wolfie (more on that later on) and because the timing is perfect, I decided to make them pre- and post- Halloween parties. 

For baby shower no. 1, we decided to go as characters from the awesome Korean zombie flick, Train to Busan, mainly because it was too cute not to do for my pregnant sister (it was either that or Winnie the Pooh or Rosie-Huntington Whitely in Mad Max). 

I went as the train attendant whose scarf was askew. 

Sorry I don’t know how to pose. 

Spot the characters who went as “generic zombie” c/o my fake blood

How to pack for two weeks in Austria 

May-June has been incredibly busy and it shows in the stories I chose to write last month. (When in doubt, write what you know, you know?)

To a certain extent, you should always “write what you know” but this time I chose the incredibly easy kind of what-I-knows like How to pack for two weeks in Austria, which was obviously an excuse for me to take pictures of/in my outfits.
The published article linked above shows only the clothes I packed but as a bonus, here are some pictures of me wearing them:

Ready for that almost 20-hour trip in a no-fuss LBD + Rags2Riches bag (because if you’re traveling halfway across the world, you should bring a piece of Manila with you)

Rockin’ my airport socks and my mom’s Our Tribe bag (more local love) in Frankfurt

A summery romper I bought specifically for biking around Innsbruck


Hopping on a train in another no-fuss dress and my warmest jacket 

Pastel Sunday


Exploring the old town in strapless crop top (crop tops are great in taking up the least amount of luggage space) and printed maxi skirt

In a tartan skort from Mango, perfect for biking


Velvety dress for a night out in Vienna

Brought out a bright sunny dress to match my mood


Enter a caption

Bright blue in Zurich

A delicate number for my last day in Innsbruck


Okay, a few things I’d like to point out–

  1. Some of these pictures are in Germany and Switzerland as well.
  2. Some of these pieces were bought on the trip and not packed from Manila. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot and sunny!
  3. Notice how certain items (aside from the 4 pairs of shoes) are recycled in different outfits. Jackets, scarves, bags and that staple pair of printed cat-eye sunglasses which makes anyone look instantly stylish.

Now time to go back to my impossible Manila wardrobe.

Too hot to function

With temperatures reaching critical levels, keeping cool during summer has now become a top priority. It’s no longer just about keeping your oil levels in check or the sweat stains off your clothes—the critical temperatures we’ve been hitting all over the Philippines are a matter of health and maybe even (yikes) life or death.

Here are some suggestions, which may or may not have already occurred to you, apart from that glass of Coke, bucket of beer or tub of ice cream (all of which, by the way, are deceptively dehydrating), to keep that body temperature in check and lower that human discomfort index (yes, this is a legitimate term to describe that feeling you’re having) at all costs, or no cost at all.

Take your pick from my tips.

Why you should start using a menstrual cup instead

Last year I made an important, life-changing discovery about my period and now that I know the bloody truth, I’m going to spill. 

Here are 5 reasons you should start using a menstrual cup instead

You’ll also be happy to note that there are a number of places you can get these cups in the Philippines. No excuses now. 

Hotties only: New exclusive club seeks Manila’s ‘greatest catches’

On a Monday night in the heart of bustling Makati Central Business District, a confused A_Space Manila administrator directed me to the secret event that had the building we were in pulsing with life.

“I think they’re in the kitchen,” he said as he led me two floors down to a brightly lit room with a bar, a sink, a stove, and a handful of guests cooking up something that wasn’t necessarily edible.

I stepped over an open guitar case with a sign that read “Hoochie Coochie Mikkie” taped inside. In the corner was a small table on which stood little bottles of different colored liquors. A chalk sign read, “From down the road: The Bonbon Club.”

A cheerful British lady greeted me as if we were old friends. After introducing herself as “Deanna,” she pulled me into the room, put a drink in my hand, introduced me to the circle of people congregating in the center, and commanded us to “mingle.”

The lady, as I later found out, was Deanna Rubiano, one half of the partnership behind Catch 88, a new members-only club that also advertises itself as a place where you can get a date who is as great a catch as yourself.

Read more about my night with Catch 88 on GMA News Online