Pimp My Ride: Miri edition

B(ack)log a.k.a. import from another blog that existed long ago

I love any opportunity to set myself apart. In the car department that meant having custom seat covers. I never liked decals because they hardly ever work (aesthetically, unless you’re trying to sell something). Plus I hate those standard issue designs, like the racer stripes you can find on almost any revamped blue or red Honda Jazz ever (no offense, Honda Jazz).

Also, I didn’t want my car to be so easily recognizable. Hence, seat covers.

Getting to the point, I wanted something cute and quirky for my car so the fabric was something I just HAD to choose myself.

Honk if you ❤ Miri

Fabric and labor

First I went to Pap’s Upholstery on Vito Cruz. They gave me a fee of Php 1,800, which included labor and the fact that they would have to make the pattern for my Suzuki SX4 from scratch. They said I’d need 15 yards for all three seats (driver, passenger and back).

Given that rate, I was only willing to spend a maximum of Php 1,500 more on fabric. This called for a trip to Divisoria, where cheap fabric of all kinds abounds (or is it abound?).

So I spent an entire afternoon at Divisoria and with the help of my professional buyer and designer friends Meg and Chad I finally chose a hot pink number for the main material and this amazing synthetic zebra print fabric for panel accents.

Look at that grain!

I was planning to go Pap’s already but I chanced upon a shop in Anonas that specializes in auto interiors rather than home or office furniture. Turned out this place could do it for way cheaper, so all the better for me. Bonus: they also already had the pattern for my car.

A bit of a challenge to get to (Anonas is such a messy area) but it’s worth the trip

Seat Makers on Anonas

They’re efficient and production normally takes 3-5 days. I went on a Monday and my covers would have been ready by Saturday except they needed to make additional measurements. We were able to arrange for this to be done the next day (Sunday) in their main branch on Kamuning and I was able to get the full thing the following Saturday. So two weeks total.

There were a few minor adjustments to be made on installation day but at least they were able to do it on the spot. Apparently installing seat covers takes a bit of time. I was there from 4 pm to 6 pm. Ultimately I am satisfied with the results and considering the price I think it turned out pretty well.

A candid capture of the driver’s seat, complete with extra shoes and empty shopping bag

Now Miri is cuter than ever! How perfect that these covers are being installed right before I take my blindfolded sister out for her bachelorette party.

We had fun.


Pink fabric, 60″ width, 12 yards – Php 600
Zebra print fabric, 60″ width, 8 yards – Php 384
Labor and installation – Php 950

Total – Php 1,934


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