Serenity and Roses for 2016

Lately we’ve been seeing pink sunsets and I think this fact that a cotton candy sky has been looming over my head, literally, is the reason I have been obsessing over Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016.

I was a bit shocked that Pantone chose two—”For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year,” says their website—but the combination is undeniably pleasant. I like each on their own but the effect is also very different when you put them together.

As part of my New Year tradition, I made myself something to wear—a denim and dyed chiffon maxi dress which I will discuss in detail in another post. We spent New Year’s Eve at the beach and I was just so delighted to find that my dress matched the sunrise so well, like another ocean reflecting the sky.

Sand and salt on my skin, the sea breeze in my hair and my pretty pink, purple and blue dress blowing in the wind. What a wonderful way to start the year.

My dress like the clouds

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