How to pack for two weeks in Austria 

May-June has been incredibly busy and it shows in the stories I chose to write last month. (When in doubt, write what you know, you know?)

To a certain extent, you should always “write what you know” but this time I chose the incredibly easy kind of what-I-knows like How to pack for two weeks in Austria, which was obviously an excuse for me to take pictures of/in my outfits.
The published article linked above shows only the clothes I packed but as a bonus, here are some pictures of me wearing them:

Ready for that almost 20-hour trip in a no-fuss LBD + Rags2Riches bag (because if you’re traveling halfway across the world, you should bring a piece of Manila with you)

Rockin’ my airport socks and my mom’s Our Tribe bag (more local love) in Frankfurt

A summery romper I bought specifically for biking around Innsbruck


Hopping on a train in another no-fuss dress and my warmest jacket 

Pastel Sunday


Exploring the old town in strapless crop top (crop tops are great in taking up the least amount of luggage space) and printed maxi skirt

In a tartan skort from Mango, perfect for biking


Velvety dress for a night out in Vienna

Brought out a bright sunny dress to match my mood


Enter a caption

Bright blue in Zurich

A delicate number for my last day in Innsbruck


Okay, a few things I’d like to point out–

  1. Some of these pictures are in Germany and Switzerland as well.
  2. Some of these pieces were bought on the trip and not packed from Manila. I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot and sunny!
  3. Notice how certain items (aside from the 4 pairs of shoes) are recycled in different outfits. Jackets, scarves, bags and that staple pair of printed cat-eye sunglasses which makes anyone look instantly stylish.

Now time to go back to my impossible Manila wardrobe.


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